Michael McIntyre wears many hats. He is a life coach, motivational speaker, head facilitator of Next Level Training (AKA King Drifty, you will have to enroll in Next Level Training to find out about this), and lifelong entrepreneur. He had the honor to serve the UPPER ROOM church as a consultant and then ultimately as CEO of UPPER ROOM Global from 2016-2018.  

After receiving an honorable discharge from the US Air Force Strategic Air Command he went into sales and was a proven success immediately.  You can read about how you too can be successful in sales in his book titled The Authentic Salesman (2011).  During this time period he successfully built a 3 billion dollar in sales insurance agency over 25 years. Michael sold his agency in 2007 and started a telemedicine marketing company and benefits discount firm. Throughout his career Michael realized his true gift is finding talented people and maximizing their gifts.

His greatest passion has been raising three daughters with his loving wife Stacye.  Michael prides himself on his comedic skills and is a connoisseur of sixties and seventies pop and rock.  You can catch him on his daily run at 3 PM in the Texas heat- he may let you join him if you bring a cigar and are ready to talk about Jesus.



Stacye is the WOMAN and HEART behind all things MCINTYRE.  She has partnered with Michael throughout his long and varied career. As a daughter and wife of entrepreneurial driven men she understands what it takes to succeed.  Stacye finds great joy in raising her three daughters and managing Michael.

Stacye’s passion for giving has lead her various life pursuits.  She started with studying early childhood education at Texas Tech University. She has served in various charitable organizations over the years.  One of her favorites was volunteering for Contact Crisis Line in their phone room for five years, eventually Stacye was the chairman of the board in 2008. Stacye headed up the fundraisers and galas at Parish Episcopal School (where her daughters attended school) to fund their scholarship program.

Her greatest desire is to see people unleash all that they have been created for. Stacye truly understands and imparts the wisdom of BEING and how this changes everything in life.  Her revelation allows people to settle into themselves and embody their Christ given identity.

Stacye also plays the role as head facilitator for Next Level Training.  Her greatest talent is coaching, managing, and unlocking/discerning people’s potential. If you are the recipient of her attention you will be delighted by her sense of fun, wisdom, and the love she pours out.  Her hobbies include putting everyone at ease in the wake of Michael… and creating beautiful needlepoint masterpieces for her home and family.