Join Stacye and Michael McIntyre for the next training they are hosting November 16th-18th This is three days of transformational training benefiting every area of your life!

Are you ready for these areas of your life to be taken to the Next Level?




-Launching a new business

-Reviving an existing business

-Getting promoted

Stacye and Michael believe that experiential learning is key to unlocking and unveiling different parts of yourself that allow you to excel in life. Join them in this Next Level training so you can develop and embrace the "more" that you have always desired.

Learn how to assume an attitude of gratitude, embrace your true identity, overcome obstacles, and look beyond yourself in a whole new way. 


What are YOU waiting for?!

This is the best $445 you can spend.

If you think money is your problem... It is not! Money is the solution to your problem!

Get on the rocket and take your life to the NEXT LEVEL!


                                                                   ( Limit 25 )

Thursday November 16th, at 3 pm and conclude on November 18th at 9 pm. 



Please note that these events do not provide accommodation.